The Thoughts Of The Unknown Singer Songwriter

Happy Birthday Macca!

Happy Birthday Macca!

The first time I every came across Pink Floyd, I was as a very small kid watching the movie The Wall late one night, it would have been a school night so I would have been pretending to be a sleep waiting for any noise from downstairs to quickly and quietly turn the television off, every one needs a hobby!

For those who have watched the film will know it’s not the exactly a normal run of the mill film, very little if any dialogue, animation far away from Bugs Bunny, basically a man cracking up, I loved it.

At that time I had no knowledge about the band no idea about Syd Barrett, Darkside Of The Moon or Wish You Were Here all this would emerge many moons later.

Around the late eighties there was a television special Pink Floyd live in Venice, this blow my mind just the scale of everything from the music to the visual, but still having a under laying mystically quality.

It was time to found out about Pink Floyd.

My original song called Pink Floyd